About Jen

Hello Divas and Gentleman! I’m Jennifer aka Jenndiva. I’m a writer and founder of Mind of a Diva.

Writing and being able to motivate people to go after their dreams has always been a passion of mine. After graduating college in 2009 I had no idea how I was going to use my degree in mass communications to do this, but through prayer and waiting Jesus instructed me to write about what I know. That’s when Mind of a Diva was born!

I believe that we all are on this earth for a reason and we have a purpose. However, it’s hard to know what our purpose is and where we even belong. I know what it’s like to be knocked down, discouraged, feel alone, and not know what’s going to happen next. At the same time I’ve felt the joy of having good people around me, celebrating the small victories, and embracing the opportunities that are present to me.

“This life comes with many lessons for those who are willing to learn them. I’m here to empower and motivate you as you navigate through this journey to the life you want.”

Let’s tackle this journey together to finding the Diva that’s already inside you.


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