About Mind of Diva

Mind of a Diva serves as a vessel to completely redefine the word diva in itself. The story that you reach here is real life experience and exploration as told through the thoughts of a woman in her twenties. Making the uneasy and sometimes awkward transition from girl to womanhood is no simple feat. We all require encouragement, understanding and most of all, belief in ourselves to make this process as smooth as possible.

The word “diva” has held many meanings. On many an occasion, the term is used to describe how a woman is bossy, or has an attitude. While a diva may indeed possess those attributes, there is so much more to her than meets the eye. A diva is independent, virtuous, a pillar of strength and always busy. Amidst the demands of her everyday life, maintenance of her composure, self worth and courage are the keys to her ever forward movement.

Follow this diva’s journey and join in as we all travel down the path and journey of diva hood together. Unity is what strengthens us, so why not revitalize and fortify one another? After all, that is what being a diva is truly about.

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