How to Start A 30-Day Love Cleanse


kipp quoteWhat is someone supposed to do when they feels like their heart harden from their past? Many people deal with a break up by just moving on or internalizing the issue. In my case I’ve been haunted by moving forward till I found out a solution; a love cleanse.

I’ve chronicled a few tidbits of my dating life on here, but to summarize dating has not been easy for me. I know that I wear my heart on my sleeve, I give and have the naïve belief that things will work out in every relationship. So after breaking up with my boyfriend of six years, my heart is heavy and I don’t know if I can love again.

Part of the reason I’ve been afraid to start dating again is because I’m afraid. I don’t want to put everything myself out there again to end up heartbroken again. It takes so much hope to get out there again, and I don’t know if I have the strength or the faith to do it.

What is a Love Cleanse?

I kind of stumbled upon the idea of a love cleanse one day when reading author and blogger Many Hale’s blog. She’s known for writing inspirational and empowering articles for single women who are struggling with finding contentment with being single. In one blog post she echoed a story similar story to mine and how she was going to starting Mastin Kipp’s 30- Day Love Cleanse.

What a love cleanse does is allow the person to create an environment for 30 days where they are not focused on love. They remove themselves from outside distractions (i.e.-dating and/or exes) so they can gain perspective. By doing this the person can become aware of the barriers or discover why they are hung up on love.

Does It Work?

From what I’ve learned through reading Many Hale and Mastin Kipp’s websites the cleanse does work. They both stated that the 30 days helped them realize their part in what’s happened in their past relationship. Plus I liked reading why Kipp decided to do the cleanse and what he got out of it.

My hope is that this cleanse will help me find a way to be comfortable with dating again. I know that I have baggage from my past relationships so I expect that this cleanse will probably make me face those skeletons too.

Quote 30 Day Love Cleanse

How To Do a Love Cleanse

If you’re interested in starting your own love cleanse then there’s a few things that you’ll have to commit to and need. The commitment is that you will carry this cleanse out for the full 30 days and stick to the rules of the cleanse. If you agree to do that you’ll need a journal, pen, Kleenex, small accountability team, and healthy snacks.

Now the rules of this cleanse are a combination of what Mandy Hale did and a few things that I added for my own self development. The beauty about this is that you can make it your own somewhat so that it will work for you.

Love Cleanse Rules:

No dating (casual or serious) during the duration of the cleanse

No flirting (even casually) with anyone; also includes giving out your number

No kissing, sex, or other physical activities

Have to stop obsessing over your ex (no cyber stalking, no interactions)

Journal daily your thoughts and emotions (helps to track progress)

Engage in physical activity {I think better when I’m running}

Practice healthy living habits {eat better and get some sleep}

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