Diva’s Against Breast Cancer

Mind of a Diva is raising awareness and urging women to join the fight against breast cancer. We want to help people everywhere to have a better understanding about this disease and how to prevent it. It’s our hope that by educating others we are contributing to preventing someone from being diagnosed with breast cancer and helping researchers to find a cure.

Below are links to sites about breast cancer awareness, prevention, and  ways to help support the cause. There’s also a diagram about how to properly perform a monthly self-examination to check for lumps. Hopefully we can all join together and win this fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Websites

National Breast Cancer Foundation- Their mission is to save lives by bringing awareness and educating women about breast cancer. (http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org)

Young Survival Coalition: Young Women Facing Cancer Together- Young women’s organization supporting one another in the fight against breast cancer and focusing on situations and issues specific to young women. (http://www.youngsurvival.org)

Circle of Promise- Susan G. Komen Circle of Promise site that empowers African-American women with information about breast cancer and their health. (http://www.circleofpromise.org)

Bright Pink- Non profit organization that provides support to young women who are at a high risk of contracting breast or ovarian cancer. Bright Pink gives these women support and knowledge so that they can take control of their own  health. Text PINK to 59227 for monthly reminders to do a self-examination. (http://www.bebrightpink.com)

Breast Self-Examination Diagram

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