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Are You Neglecting to Feed Your Spirit

Everything has an indicator these days to let us know when it’s running on low on energy. Our cars tell us through a bright gas light and our cell phone has a popup. Even our stomachs growl when it’s time to eat, but do we know when our spirit is running on empty.

For many years I didn’t recognize the longing in my spirit for God’s word. While I felt in my heart I need to have some quiet time there was always an excuse why I wouldn’t. What I didn’t see is that my spirit was starving and I was purposely neglecting it.

We have no problem with filling our cars with gas or charging our phone when it’s dying. However, we don’t see nourishing our spirits just as important. Why do we undervalue the need to feed our spirit?

A Neglected Spirit

Spiritual starvation is when our spirit longs to be fed with the word of God, but we disregard to satisfy it. We ignore this desire to the point where we don’t hear it anymore. Leaving us with a malnourished, disconnected, and unkempt spiritual life.

Here are a few of the reasons why we don’t feed our spirit:

  1. View Spending Time with God as a Chore- Putting time aside to read the bible and pray seems tedious or like another thing on our to do list. It’s seen as a something that’s negotiable and not a priority.
  2. We Don’t Have a Desire- We would rather be doing other things than spending time in the word. So we put it off till later knowing we’ll never actually do it because we don’t desire the word.
  3. The Bible is Boring- The Bible is seen as confusing, too convicting, or hard to comprehend. So we don’t see the point and don’t like how it makes me feel.


Even though there are many reasons why someone disregards spending time with God it all comes back to us. We have to develop a personal desire to spend time with him and make it as a staple in our lives. As we spend time in the word the Holy Spirit will help us grow in our faith walk.

Becoming Spiritually Strong

In Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus is led to the desert by the Spirit and fast for 40 days. He’s tempted by Satan and each time he uses The Word against him. What stood out to me about this passage is that even though Jesus was physically hungry His spirit wasn’t.

Throughout the Gospel, Jesus takes time to feed his spirit through quiet time, prayer, and reading the word. In the same way, Jesus placed value on spiritual growth we have to follow His example. By continually feeding our spirit we can withstand stand strong.

While reading on starving spiritually I found an article by LaTonya Taylor where she posed a thought-provoking question. She said, “What if I fed my body at the same frequency I’ve been taking in spiritual food?”

Can you imagine what we would physically look like? However, that’s how our spirits currently look because we ignore its desire to be connected to our Heavenly Father. We put off quenching that thirst with distractions and excuses. Leaving our spirits in a weak and vulnerable state.

1 Peter 5:8 tells us that Satan looks to prey on those whose spirit is weak and defenseless. When our spirits are weak and malnourished we are perfect targets for the enemy. In a powerless spiritual state, our minds can be a breeding ground for Satan to plant doubt and fear. We have to value being spiritually strong so the word can be within us.

Delight In the Word

If we prioritize our spiritual development like Jesus we can walk confidently in our faith. He shows us how when our spirit is fed through word we have direction and strength. I can attest that my outlook on life and my future has changed from spending time reading the bible.

Our relationship with God isn’t going to develop by simply going to church or saying a quick prayer. It’s our desire to know him that takes our faith from a casual stroll to a purposeful walk. When we commit to our relationship with God we’ll get to know him on a deeper level.

As it says in 2 Timothy 3:16 the word is here for us to teach and correct us so we can live righteously. How will you use your time to feed your spirit with God’s word?

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