How to Start Being Brave by Faith

Following God’s lead is a goal that many have, but is honestly easier said than done. Juliette Bush beautifully illustrates the meaning behind being led by God as a millennial in her book Brave by Faith. She shares how through following God she developed her faith walk which directed her to her purpose. From reading her book I discovered why it’s vital for us to be diligent in being brave by faith.

Her story encourages us to walk by faith instead of being led by our own understand. Brave by Faith tells how being obedient to God has allowed her to travel to more than 35 countries and living in three different continents. This book is a great example of what can happen when we submit to God’s plan and bravely go where he’s guiding us.

How can we apply Bush’s example to strengthen our faith walk? Below are a few points from her story that we can apply to be brave by faith.

Submit to the Plan

We have to submit to God’s will for our lives rather than relying on our plans and reasoning. Bush points out that when God told her to move to be a missionary she waited to prepare financially. In creating her own plan instead of following God’s instruction things fell apart and made the transition more difficult.

Her advice is for us to not delay on doing what God has instructed us to do because we want to it out. God has a perfect plan for us and doesn’t need our help determining how to get us there. When we delay being obedient we’re putting ourselves into a God position and we have to careful doing this.

Allow God to be direct your path and submit to the mission that he’s calling you to. With him you won’t need a plan because he will give you peace and sustain you through it all.

Choose Faith Over Fear

Hebrews 11 gives an empowering synopsis of the men and women who’s faith led them do great things. However, at one point or another each of them faced a point where their faith was tested by fear. In Exodus 4 Moses tells God that he didn’t know if he could lead the Israelites because he stuttered.

In the same way we let our fears dictate our ability to walk by faith. We lean on the lies like we’re not good enough, we don’t have what it takes, or if we try we will fail. When we do this we’re playing right into the enemies hands. Bush encourages us to not let our fear paralysis us.

We have to rely on our faith in God over our fears and the lies of the enemy. Remember that 2 Timothy 1:7 says that God didn’t give us the spirit of fear. So stand strong in your faith knowing that God has you safely in his mighty right hand.

Brave by Faith

Walking by faith is going to require you to be brave, even when things are unclear. Throughout Bush’s story she faced obstacles of people talking her, financial struggles, and uncertain employment. However, she said that the peace of God that surpassed her understanding and she knew he was taking care of her.


Our faith walk may be difficult for other’s to understand, but they are not meant to. While our friends and family will have their opinions we have to be brave enough to continue to follow Jesus. We can’t turn away when things get difficult or when we don’t know what will happen next. Instead we have to lean of our Heavenly Father for peace and wisdom.

Brave By Faith may share the beginning of Juliette Bush’s faith journey, but it’s not the end of it. For all of us being led by our faith is a continuous process that we have to exercise daily. We have to trust in our God and be obedient to his will. It’s all a matter of if we’re willing to take the first step in your faith journey.

Juliette Bush’s book is available in print and electronically wherever books are sold. In addition to her powerful story she also has amazing resources at the end to help you in your faith journey. To find out more about Juliette Bush and Brave by Faith visit her website julestheexplorer.com.

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