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When You Don’t Have a Desire for God

Have you ever felt your heart urging you to spend time with the Lord? Maybe instead of giving into this desire, you occupy your time with other things. Then over time you spirit’s longing for Jesus becomes less audible until it fades away.

I mentioned in a previous post our spirit becomes neglected when we don’t see value in our spiritual growth. One way we neglect our spirit is by not having a desire for God. When we don’t listen to our spirit’s desire for Jesus every area of our life suffers.

If we value our relationship with our Heavenly Father we have dedicate ourselves to spending time with him. How do we develop a desire to spend time with Jesus when we prefer to be distracted?

Desiring Our World

When I graduating college my mind was focused solely on my career and my relationship. I poured myself into solely growing and developing those two areas of my life. My mindset was that if I get these things right then everything else will work out.

While I focused on my career and relationship everything else, including my faith, took a backseat. Even though I went to church I stopped reading my bible and devotions. Whenever I heard the Holy Spirit wanting to go spend time with Jesus I would put it off because it wasn’t a priority.

It took my relationship and career falling a part to realize how much I needed God. Through that experience, I learned that my hope was in things that couldn’t sustain me. I needed to center my life on God and his will for me instead of following my desire and my will.

As I spent time at the feet of Jesus I started to see that I didn’t desire God because my priorities were wrong. My idols had to be removed in order for me to focus on my spiritual life. That’s what things of this world do, they move your focus off God and onto something perishable.


Are You Mary or Martha?

I love the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10 because it exhibits what distractions do. Jesus goes to visits the sister’s home and while he’s teaching Mary is listening. However, Martha is busy caring for her guest. In verse 40 Martha speaks with Jesus about this and he tells her how she’s distracted.

While there was nothing wrong with Martha wanting to accommodate her guest, her desire should have been the Lord. I’ve mentioned before how our distractions are the perfect weapon to divert our attention off Jesus. Priscilla Shirer mentions in her devotion Armor of God that the enemy’s strategy is to create division between us and God.

If the enemy can have us focusing on things of this world than God it will cause a void. Satan will use our pain and our past to separate us from God. If we’re distracted thinking you’re unworthy of God’s love, abandoned, on not valued then this blocks us from wanting a relationship.

By creating this distance between us and God we become immune to our soul’s desire for the word. We have to recognize the enemy’s plot and decide that we won’t continue to fill our spirit with the world. Once we come to realize that only God can satisfy our soul is when he’ll be our desire.

Matthew 5_6

Desire for God

For our relationship with God to begin, we have to make him a priority. This means seeing time with him as something we need daily instead of an obligation. Our desire to be with God should come from a place of genuinely wanting a know Him.

 As we spend time with God in prayer and reading the bible we’ll develop a relationship with him. Through our quiet time, we’ll see his love, faithfulness, and mercy in our lives. Once we begin to develop this routine it will turn into a hunger of wanting to be close to our Heavenly Father.

Revelation 3:20 says that God knocks at our door waiting to see if we will let Him in. Our Father is willing to draw close to those who draw near to him. The question is will you allow God to be the desire of your heart or shut him out for your distractions?

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5 Responses to “When You Don’t Have a Desire for God”

  1. On August 30, 2017 at 11:01 am Michelle responded with... #

    Thank you for sharing these great tips Jen!
    I’ve gone through this struggle as well. I find that the words that you’re saying here are true. Thanks for the reminder to focus on what matters.

    ❤️ Michelle

    • On September 4, 2017 at 8:40 pm Jenn responded with... #

      Thank you so much, Michelle I really appreciate you stopping by. It’s something I have to remind myself of often, so you’re not alone. Sometimes I get so caught up with life that I forget. I really have to remember to make time with Jesus a priority.

  2. On August 30, 2017 at 2:06 pm Liz responded with... #

    YES! We must train ourselves to crave time with God… sort of like I have to train my body to crave kale! LOL Excellent points! Blessings!

    • On September 4, 2017 at 8:47 pm Jenn responded with... #

      Lol! Craving Kale is something I have yet to accomplish. If you figure out a way to do that then let me know. But we definitely have to train ourselves to crave God and spend time with him consistently. It takes some time but it’s so worth it!

  3. On October 11, 2017 at 11:45 am Unveiling God's Mind responded with... #

    This is great Jenn! Getting to know the Lord should be a priority and not just something you feel you have to do. You’re right one of the major things the enemy does is to create division between believers and God

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