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How to Find Your Focus as a Single

Can we be real with one another for a minute, being single honestly has its highs and lows. There are times when it’s great to be independent and be the master of your own schedule. It’s a time of self-discovery, growth, and focused on what matters most to you. When your single the possibilities of what to do seem endless.

Then there are times when being single can be a little too much. Like when you want to eat out, but don’t want to be alone at a table. Those are the moments when we wish we had a significant other around. Someone who we having a deep connection with and can spend our time around.

With these mixed emotions it’s hard to find a happy median where we can embrace being single. Where can we find encouragement to make the most of our single season?

Finding Encouragement

Over the past few weeks I’ve been going over 1 Corinthians 7 and this letter from Paul is deep. In this chapter he gives a charge for singles about where their focus should be. Paul says shares that regardless if you life is leading you to be married or single, there is still work to do.

Meditating on this passage showed me how important it is to not lose focus on the bigger picture. Being in a relationship or getting married doesn’t fulfill a person. So if we are seeking that to fill a void we are only hurting ourselves. Our goal shouldn’t be a relationship, but to fulfill our duties as a servant of God.

Also we have to trust that our Father is going to fulfill the desires of our hearts. He knows what we want and has already determined when those desires will happen. It’s not our job to sit on our hands till it does, but to believe in His perfect timing. As we sow into the kingdom of God we will reap a harvest of being faithful.

Serving While Single

For a long time I have struggled with being single, especially after being in a long relationship. It was hard to know how to move forward and not make dating a priority. Then, when I started seeking God and what his assignment for me everything fell into place.

It’s not always easy being content with being single, however, every day I’m learning that it’s possible. Society places so much value in finding love and relationship that it can make singles question their worth. However, there is nothing wrong with being single. In all honesty, it’s a period in our lives that we should make the most of instead of wishing it away.

A while back I was blog hopping and came across this post from Tirzah Magazine by Charity White. I liked that even though she had the desire to be married, she allowed her single season serve God purpose. She didn’t sit around coveting a relationship, instead she allowed God to use her and trusted that he would take care of her.

Allowing God into Our Single Season

So I ask what are you allowing God to do in this season of your life? God can do so much with the areas in our lives that we place in his hands. We just have to give him control to use us and be thankful for the life we have instead of the one we want.

If we are not careful being in a relationship or marriage can become an idol. Our desire for it can overshadow our willingness to live for God and be used by him. There has be a balance between having desires and not letting it rule our hearts.

If you spend this time wondering when it will be you’ll be discontent and doubt will grow in your heart. Which will make you question God’s love and faithfulness towards you. However, if you place your desires and life in his hands he will take you on a journey that will lead to the his best.

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