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How To Start Spreading Agape Love Everyday

These past couple of days I’ve been focused on love, and not the romantic kind. With the world being so crazy I’ve been wondering where is the agape love towards one another. How can we get better at showing love towards one another?

I was watching a Ted Talk where the speaker shared a story about an Anthropologist who was studying an indigenous tribe. He noticed that every day they would go out and pray for rain for hours, and one day he asked the leader why. He said that they pray for rain because it’s valuable and in short supply there. Then he said isn’t that why Americans have so many songs about love?

Wow! There’s a longing in our world for agape that we’re ignoring. We desire to be understood and accepted by others, if only to know that someone out there cares about us. Instead we’re too busy or only show our love to those who we deem acceptable of receiving it.


Love With Limits

I will be the first to admit that it’s not always easy to control our flesh. When someone treats me wrong the last thing I think to do is show love. My flesh says to get on their level and a eye for an eye. Except getting on their level won’t solve anything, it only make the situation worse.

The other day I was at home frustrated about a call I received at work. The person was very rude as I struggled to remain professional with them on the phone. In my head I had all these thing that I could have said. Then the Lord stopped me and said that I need to show that person love because they are hurting.

When we decide to follow Jesus we’re called to operate on a higher level and mindset. Even though our flesh would love to snap and put people in their place, we have to rise above those feelings. I love what Cornelius Lindsey says which is that we have to mature (love) above other people’s ability to hurt us.

Now, how can we show God’s love to others?

Agape Kind of Love

Jesus has a heart for his people, and He went to the cross out of love for us. Despite the rejection, hate, and selfishness Jesus faced he still died because of his love for us. If we really want to have a heart like Jesus we have to learn to show agape to our neighbors.


So how do we show love towards our neighbors? Well I’m challenging myself to start by doing the five things listed below. This is my way of showing agape, especially to those I only interact with shortly.

Ways To Show Love To Others:

Smile: A simple action that can touch someone and make their day!

Pray: Going to God either with a petition or by getting in alignment with someone is a powerful way to share love.

Reach Out: Sending someone a message, letter, or even calling is a  great way to brighten someone’s day and let them know you care.

Give Compassion: Words or encouragement and kindness can go a long when someone needs a little hope.

Lend A Hand: Do you know someone who’s stressed or overwhelmed? Volunteer your time to help them in some way.

It’s amazing what little acts of kindness can do, and how it can change our world. I hope that you will join me in this challenge, and let me know how it’s working for you! My prayer is that we can create a ripple effect of kindness and love that will bless one another.

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  1. On October 19, 2016 at 8:29 pm Angela responded with... #

    Great article. I had a co-worker who use to used that word a lot and never knew what it meant. Working in the healthcare field where we were surround by numerous people with healthcare concerns frustrated and pulled in numerous directions. He would sign it ‘May agape be with you’ its refreshing to actually know what the word means.

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